Phase 1- Monday 19th October

Presentation and goals of the EU-Bank project, summed up in the idea of contributing to improve the financial culture of EU citizens and their relationships with financial entities, by the use of an open interactive platform that works as a teaching-learning tool in the didactic environment, but also as an advisory tool for banking users.

Phase 2 - Thursday, 19th October

Description of the perceived necessities of the society about financial knowledge and capabilities to make well-informed financial decisions, overall (average European citizen’s financial needs) and for specific interest groups (i.e. basic general need by teenagers, focused interest in certain investment products by people in their retirement, high-level knowledge and skills required by university students of financial sciences).

Phase 3- Thursday, 19th October 2017

Technical description of the development of the platform as an educational software. Both from the point of view of the scrum development with students acting as real clients, and from the point of view of the tool developed and its possibilities to be used as a teaching-learning instrument.

Phase 4 - Thursday, 19th October 2017

Results. Description of the EU-Bank website developed.

Phase 5 - Friday, 19th October 2017

Testing of the tool by researchers. Tutored use of the different parts of the EU-Bank platform. Practical activities consist of a planned part, to search information on specific concepts/products and to compute comprehensive costs and proceeds of certain banking products, and a free activity for the users to visit some parts of the software according to their personal interests.

Phase 6 - Friday, 19th October 2017

Assessment. A usability test as well as an inquiry of the participants’ perceptions will be carried out to fulfill the objectives in the workshop about EU- Bank.